Work At Home Without Selling Stuff…

You can work at home without sellingCan you work at home without selling stuff? You might be interested in working at home but concerned that you will have to sell stuff. It maybe seems to you that people who work at home sell stuff. They sell Avon, or cooking supplies, or homemade baby blankets. Whatever it is, it’s selling and you want no part of it.

The answer to the question can you work at home without selling is both yes and no. That is, while you can work at home without blatantly selling items like skincare and cooking utensils and baby blankets, you will always be selling something – yourself, your services, your skills.

So let’s look at some options for home based jobs and discuss what you do have to sell, like it or not.

Work At Home Without Selling – Website Design

Maybe you’re a person who has some skill at website design. There are those who have traded in the office job for the comfort of working at home and designing websites. If you have even an inkling of skill at this (or very good software that can do a lot of it for you) you can create nice looking websites for clients.

An added bonus would be knowledge of things like search engine optimization (SEO) and other relevant website related skills that you can add to your arsenal.

Work At Home Without Selling – Writing

Online writing is fast becoming a work at home job that’s overtaking many others. You can write articles for clients, or you can write articles and then market them to potential customers. You can write for revenue-share sites and you can write eBooks and then sell them. If you can learn the skills of sales copywriting, you can make a lot of money when you find ways of doing this effectively.

Work At Home Without Selling – Daycare

There are many women who open a daycare facility so they can be at home with their children but still provide a second income for their family. This works well for those people because they can provide that second income all while also providing playmates for their own kids. Be sure to get the necessary licenses and training to be able to do this as regulation varies from country to country.

Work At Home Without Selling – Inbound calling

One popular job for the “work at homee” is inbound calling. In this business, you take calls from people making orders from infomercials or shopping networks, or even take pizza orders. You might also perform basic customer service tasks.

Work At Home Without Selling – Bookkeeping

If you have ever worked as a bookkeeper or in some similar capacity, you can work at home as a bookkeeper, keeping the books for local businesses and perhaps even online businesses. This is an ideal position for the person who wants to make a nice income but wants to work exclusively at home.

Work At Home Without Selling – Tutor

Many former teachers are discovering the earning potential of being an online tutor. In this capacity, they tutor students who are having problems in a particular subject area. Most of the work is done exclusively online, reducing the need to travel to work or see clients in the home.

Is This Really A Work At Home Without Selling Job?

All of these jobs we talk about above require a certain level of marketing. You must market yourself in order to make yourself desirable to clients. That means you are selling something – yourself. If you are so uncomfortable with the concept of selling anything that you don’t think you can even sell yourself and your services, then working at home might not be ideal for you unless you are employed and simply work at home for your employer.

But if you decide to work at home in your own business, you must learn to market yourself. You must learn and accept that you have to market, or sell, yourself to make yourself appealing to clients. That’s simply part of the game.

Having said that, though, it’s not the same to market yourself and sell your services as it is to sell clothing or skincare products. If you want to get away from the direct selling that those types of jobs might require, you can do many other things at home that only require you to sell yourself and your services. There is no 100% way to work at home without selling, but branding and marketing yourself and your services is the closest.

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Do It Big. Get Noticed….

get noticed in your businessWhatever you do in business, do it big!  There’s no other arena in which those words are truer than the internet.  It’s a competitive world wide web, and you do have to find your niche.  But once you find that niche, do it just a little bit different than everybody else.  Do it big.  People don’t often think in those terms.  So if you are able to put yourself in that mindset, then you’ll be ahead of the pack.

You can struggle all you want trying to get your website to the top of the search engines, but by the time you get there, the rules for getting there will have changed.  You can spend countless hours trading links with other websites, but you’ll find that many of those will soon ditch their domain.  You may consider any number of online strategies for getting your website noticed, but the bottom line is somebody on the other end always wants to get paid.

This is when the idea of “do it big” comes into play.  Let me explain.  I recently discovered a website owned by a woman from the UK.  Her product was original art.  Specifically, cartoon-like pencil sketches.  Her intention was to put her work on shirts, stationary, and greeting cards and to sell it through her website.  The problem was she couldn’t get her site noticed.  She had no visitors.

How many times have you lamented over the lack of visitors to your site?  I have, and I do.  It doesn’t matter how many visitors a site receives.  It never seems to be enough.  We are insatiable.  But you can struggle with online strategies, or you can do something big offline.  Here’s what I suggested to the woman from the UK.

Start a campaign.  Call it the “loan a shirt” campaign or something of that nature.  The idea would be to take a shirt featuring the artwork, and send it around the world.  How?  She or somebody else would wear it for a day and then pass it on to another person who would do the same.  This would continue for any duration of time.  But the goal would be to send the shirt around the world, and each person who wore the shirt for a day could log on to the site if they choose and fill out a quick location form so the shirt may be tracked.

It’s such a simple, low-cost idea, but it’s a creative way to expose a website as the address would be listed right there on the shirt.  And people who wore the shirt for a day would get to see and sample the product first hand.  It could even be an event for charity, and an effective press release would be the only invitation the media would need to get involved.

But what if somebody decided not to pass the shirt on?  What if somebody stole it?  What if the shirt got lost?  What if “this”, and what if “that”?

Hey, what if it worked?  What did it cost?  Nothing.  It only required a little creative thinking.  A person could do anything they wanted with the idea in order to eliminate every negative “what if”.

The point I’m trying to make is we don’t often think of doing something big offline to promote ourselves online.  And it doesn’t have to be costly.  It doesn’t have to even follow what we believe to be the traditional rules of advertising.  Just think big, do it big, and get noticed.  After all, isn’t that the goal?  Or is the goal just to advertise?